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Peel-Tek, LLC

Sure-Shot Applicator for Peel-Tek®

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Sure-Shot Applicator for Peel-Tek® allows minimal product use and the creation of fine lines of Peel-Tek® Liquid Masking when combining with masking paper or plastic and masking difficult angles or tight spots.  Sure-Shot Applicator for Peel-Tek® turns 1 quart of Peel-Tek® Liquid Masking into the equivalent of 7 rolls of masking tape.

Sure-Shot Applicator comes with 2 applicator tips (16g, 18g) 1 closing cap and a spare gasket.  When done using Sure-Shot Applicator, remove applicator tip and rinse with warm water, place closing cap on end and save for later use.   

Important Information

Peel-Tek products are latex based and not meant for use on fabrics or carpets.