Avoid This Costly Mistake when Protecting Stained Concrete

Avoid This Costly Mistake when Protecting Stained Concrete

Using masking tape on stained concrete can add a lot of $$ to your bottom line and needs to be avoided!

The time and energy it will take to correct this mistake can increase your bill by 100s and potentially 1000s of dollars.  In fact, it's best not to use tape on concrete before staining as well, the reason is there is a chemical reaction that takes place from the glue in the tape causing a negative reaction with new, unstained concrete that can cause a change in the color and texture of the concrete. This can cause an uneven staining affect making it difficult to obtain a good stain color match.

On already stained concrete surfaces the chemical reaction from the tape will cause the finish to pull off when removing the tape creating ugly lines of discoloration on your beautifully stained concrete surface.

What to use instead???

As seen in the video, Peel-Tek® Liquid Masking can be used instead of tape to hold masking paper or plastic in place to protect the surface from paint and texture overspray.  Peel-Tek causes NO adverse reaction with stained or unstained concrete and peels away cleanly, leaving no residue behind when protection is no longer needed.

And to save even more money, applying Peel-Tek Liquid Masking with the Sure-Shot Applicator allows very little product to be used to hold the paper or plastic in place.


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