• Home Remodeler & Tile Setter

    We buy peeltek in 3 1/2 gallon buckets to protect the areas that we are working in. Especially tubs,natural stone floors and hardwood. It holds up much better then totin paper or drop cloths which allow dirt and harmful materials to get under drops. We apply Peel-Tek at start of job, as we finish we peel the protective coating of Peel-Tek off protected area. Peel-tek has made protection of work area so easy. I give it my highest recommendation!

    Bob S.

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  • Masking Engine Parts

    Masking engine parts… used it to mask off the areas that avcept gaskets on my engine block timing chain cover and oil pan. Worked like a champ!

    Joseph S.

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  • Great for Masking Concrete

    I’ve worked in the concrete construction industry for almost 50 years and never found a product to effectively mask concrete until I found Peel-Tek. I bring it to every job site, it works great cuts down cleanup time like crazy!

    Dwayne K.

    Aguirre Concrete

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  • Bathtub Protection

    We are using the product to protect bathtubs during construction. So far so good. Mutiple applications are needed to get a good layer of protection.

    Gosnell B.

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Masking for Construction & Concrete Industry

Masking for Construction & Concrete Industry

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